AMP, Obviously, and Goat Agency have been acquired by WPP

AMP, Obviously, and Goat Agency have been acquired by WPP

London, UK-based creative transformation company WPP (NYSE: WPP) acquired amp, a Munich, Germany-based sonic branding company.

WPP (NYSE: WPP), a London, UK-based creative transformation company, acquired Obviously, a technology-led social influencer marketing agency based in New York.

WPP(NYSE: WPP) has acquired influencer marketing agency Goat for an undisclosed sum and will embed the agency into its Group M Nexus operations.

Sonic Branding meets Influencer Marketing — it is all about emotional connections in a fast-moving marketing universe where authenticity and trust, built via user-generated content, need an identity. While brands increasingly lose the ability to interact with consumers through visual mediums, audio engagement will become more critical. This will drive a rising wave of brand investment in brand-matched music, voice, and in-app sounds.

Sonic Branding explained …

Sonic Branding, also referred to as audio branding, sonic identity, or sound branding, is a method that leverages sound and music to establish a unique brand identity. This process entails developing and maintaining formal components that consistently showcase a brand’s image across various touchpoints like TV and radio commercials, videos, POS, and social media.

Similar to visual branding, which utilizes colors, fonts, and other visual elements to establish a recognizable identity, sonic branding involves the use of music, sound effects, and other audio features to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity. In today’s marketing landscape, sonic branding is gaining importance as companies aim to provide their customers with more engaging and unique brand experiences.

John Taite in Fast Company:

“Of course, whenever there’s a seismic shift in consumer behavior, it’s followed by a seismic change in brand behavior. Marketers need to constantly pivot to meet their customers where they’re at. So, it should come as no surprise that the number of global companies investing in sonic branding is increasing exponentially.”

The other seismic marketing shift is Influencer Marketing…

Businesses often rely on influencer marketing to promote their products or services using social media personalities with a sizeable following. These individuals, referred to as influencers or creators, can significantly influence their followers’ purchasing decisions, making them a valuable asset for brands seeking to target a specific audience. The success of influencer marketing lies in identifying the right influencers who share the brand’s values and cater to their target audience. This approach is a cost-effective way for businesses to boost brand awareness and drive sales.

Modern brands can use visual branding through user-generated content and audio branding via sound as secret weapons to enhance their performance, ROI, conversion, and sales. Incorporating audio branding and influencer marketing can significantly improve a brand’s overall performance.

Various factors drive M&A activities in the sonic branding and the creator industry – expanding into new markets, the desire to acquire new technologies and capabilities, and the need to stay ahead of the competition. As the importance of sonic branding and influencer marketing continues to grow, we can expect to see more M&A activities in this industry.