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Technology Return is a midcap corporate finance and investment advisory boutique, advising selected entrepreneurs, investors and leading European innovators on M&A mandates exclusively in the digital and technology industry.

#TechReturn is dedicated to generate return on technology investments for Corporate, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Family Office clients.

Digitalization has already disrupted certain industries and is expanding into other industrial sectors by affecting entire business models. Technological developments not only challenge investment decisions for traditional industries, they also provide opportunities for discovering new growth potentials and realising excellent RETURNS.

To thrive your return and digital expertise we advise

Entrepreneurial  –  Experienced  –  Independent
Client focussed  –  Target oriented  –  Result driven


years experience in M&A


million average target size


company evaluations per quarter


deals in the last 15 months


percent cross-border transactions


percent technology driven and independent

Transformation is a fact!
The interruption of continuity
requires fierce entrepreneurial skills.

Time to act.

The market value of sucessful companies that were established less than 20 years ago is rapidly exceeding the market value and profitability of companies that have successfully existed since the 1900s.

What to do?

Successful Companies of the future need to be agile and combine human talent with technological capabilities, while representing conclusive values and a strong purpose.

This combination will thrive competitive advantage, engage customers, foster creativity and productivity.

Efficiency is not the core element – it’s technology and digital talent achieving  RETURN for stakeholders and shareholders.

Return on

Financial Performance – Brand Equity – Innovation

Return for

Employees – Stakeholder – Society – Environment

Interconnected devices are changing
the way consumers and businesses work.
By 2025, there will be up to 75 billion connected devices.

Our Services.

Strategic Analysis – Deal-Scouting – Investment Process
Due Diligence – Investment Advice – M&A – Divestitures

M&A Services

We offer a full range of advisory services to merge, acquire or exit a business

We advice on all aspects of M&A services and provide clients with strategic advice to grow their business and realise RETURN .

Our sector experience and the expertise in structuring and executing transactions allows us to provide a competitive advantage for our clients and support them in complex situations.

We strive for a long term strategic partnership with our clients while providing advice and a valid second opinion in a hands-on driven process to generate value for all stakeholders.

Our approach is not only efficiency driven as we see agile Mergers & Acquisitions as a key to the joint success with our partners.

Services include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sell Side Advisory
  • Buy Side Advisory
  • Capital Raising (Equity,Debt)
  • Disposals / Exit
  • Valuations and Fairness Opinions
  • Restructuring and Separations

Strategic Advisory

We advise both established and growth stage companies in their efforts to implement digital technology strategies

We provide strategic advice in growth situations. Technology is a key driver of innovations in the digital age. Technology Return has an entrepreneurial strategy consulting approach and a strong differentiation from the traditional models for strategic thinking.

We all come from entrepreneurial families, worked as founders and consultants in the Tech industry and help our clients to pursue the right goals.


  • Strategy and Growth
  • Agile Processes
  • Innovation, Product to Pricing
  • Learning and Enablement
  • Sustainability
  • Social Impact

Financial Advisory

We offer advice on the financial aspects of corporate strategy

Given our experience in strategy, technology and the covered digital markets, we can provide and comprehensive and independent view towards financing alternatives and an overview of financial instruments.

Our connections with nearly all relevant investors puts us in an excellent position to advise our clients on their optimised financing strategies.


  • Financial Strategy
  • Modular Business Plan
  • Financial Instruments
  • Valuation Advice
  • Peergroup Perspective
  • KPI´s & Milestones

Technology Coverage

We have significant experience across the full spectrum of digital driven innovations

Technology has been our passion and profession for the last decade. We have seen several business models starting around the year 2000. It took them 10 years to be successful, after the markets developed the right tools and products to engage with the targeted audience.

Market Momentum, Experience and Execution are the core elements to develop successful innovations in fast moving market environments.

We utilise most of the recent innovations to build beautiful businesses.


  • Market Insights
  • Tech update
  • Business Intelligence
  • Real and Artificial Data
  • Research
  • Development


We offer advice and key insights into the technology market

We have 20 years of experience within the technology growth segment from venture capital and private equity up to the various capital market segments.

We are able to provide access and advise independently and objectively in a wide range of technology sectors.


  • Target Search
  • Benchmarking
  • Investment Advice
  • Fund Selection
  • Relevant Contacts


We advise on complex transactions in the TIMES industry

Our track record is excellent while achieving respectable valuation multiples

We focus on mid-market transactions for SME´s

We know the relevant strategic acquirers and „active“ investors

The majority of our deals is sourced from successful or serial entrepreneurs

We sell mostly cross-border and work with deep knowledge and strong research

Via discretionary data and artificial intelligence
technology companies are entering and disrupting
slow digitizing industries.

Industry Coverage.

  • Software

    • SaaS
    • Communication
    • Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • Maschine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Cloud Applications

  • Services

    • Telecom
    • Agencies
    • Brands
    • IT Services
    • Professional Services
    • Travel
    • HR
    • Maritime
    • Transport

  • Digital Media

    • E-commerce
    • Marketplaces
    • Platforms
    • Mobile
    • Social
    • AdTech
    • MarTech
    • Gaming
    • Entertainment

  • Industrial

    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Supply Chain
    • IOT
    • Sensors
    • Automation
    • Analytics
    • 5G Verticals
    • Robotics

  • Digital Sectors

    • Publishing
    • Real Estate
    • FinTech
    • InsurTech
    • Navigation
    • LBS
    • FoodTech
    • Health
    • EduTech

Beneath shift of power to the consumer,
speed of innovation in the digital ecosystem
has built an ambivalent customer in a new reality
and changed society, accelerated by technology.

Our Insights.

After having worked as founders, bankers and advisors, we can look back on over 20 years of experience in the European technology market.

Using the Technology Return, we will share our first-hand knowledge and deal flow with clients in order to match entrepreneurs’ needs and investors’ complex requirements.

Our team is uniquely positioned to discretely advise clients who seek to invest in later stage, privately-held technology companies



Investors, Partners and Ventures.

Note: Investors and Ventures are referencing to the holding companies of relevant, successful and partially confidential M&A activity (tombstone based) by the executive team of Technology Return.