WEBSUMMIT we will come back in 2018!

15 Nov WEBSUMMIT we will come back in 2018!

Besides the Savy Awards, which were held for the first time this year, there is still no doubt that WebSummit is almost for everybody, who touches the current world from one of that many perspectives – business, tech, fashion, music, new management, future of work, recruitment and many more.

The light was on the seemingly obvious topics these days: IoT/ AI, e-health, cyber-security, mobility, resilient growth, new work, machine learning, adoption of the new technological cycles for corporates and access to new technologies for everyone in the world. All of that is in our hands and we have to deal with it.

The stages were full of scary visions, statements and discussions appealing to our humanity and the way we shape our future.

And by the way:  “Lisaboa” is the best choice for a late autumn summit. Beneath the meetings, discussions  and presentations giving you the chance to make a short trip to Costa Caparica or Praia do Guincho, one of the finest beaches of this region, that combines intense surfing with dramatic scenery.